Tips for Renovations from Aug/Sept Issue



This beautiful cottage in the Claddagh, Galway was an old standard design house with a centered front door and two small rooms on either side. For the renovation of this home, the  owner removed the front door which is now situated at the side of the house leaving more living space inside. The door opens into the kitchen thus giving more space for bedrooms to the front of the house. She also extended the space to the front allowing for a bigger main bedroom inside. The colour scheme  on the exterior is continued inside  -a fresh sea blue and sand combination. The picket fence fulfills the owner’s dream of living in a country cottage with a picket fence.


The front door now at the side of the house


The ladder leads to a mezzanine above the kitchen which houses a large L shaped couch that can be converted into a bed as an extra room for guests. A great way to add an extra room to any home. The pink couch brings an extra dimension of colour to the kitchen/entrance area.


Tone on tone shade of the large couch is contrasted with the blue of the wall and the scattered cushions.


The Seaside Colour Scheme

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