Whats in the new issue

Soft Industrial At its Best

As an aficionado of this soft industrial look I was delighted when I got the chance to visit this home which was actually ‘For Sale’ through Sherry Fitzgerald Galway but has since been sold. I am not surprised, as this beautiful home is smack bang in the middle of Galway City centre. Although it is built in amongst many houses it actually has that feeling of spaciousness and calm. This architecturally designed home was bought as a site with the plans ready to go. As the house plan suited the owner he decided to build the house according to the plan. One because he loved the house and two because if he made any changes he would’ve had to re apply to the planning office for permission for the changes. He also was anxious to get building this dream home.


Home Renovation In Oranmore

Home Renovation

Although the size and location of this home was perfect for the owners and their four children, it just seemed to be lacking in that little something and not very conducive to family life. Four large bedrooms and an attic space needed very little changing, it was the layout of the ground floor that caused most of the problem. For one thing Karen, the owner would have to turn the lights on in the kitchen area first thing in the morning until bedtime. This family craved light and sunshine. She commissioned Eoin Gleeson of Gleeson & Associates, Design Consultants to give them more space and especially more light in an open plan space at the rear of the house.

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