Feb/March 2019 Issue

Kitchen Trends – A Kitchen and A Home

This beautifully designed kitchen has all the elements of the kitchen trends for 2019. It was carefully thought out with the emphases on insuring it was very practical and family friendly. For this couple the kitchen had to be efficient, warm and cozy, as it is home to five very busy teenagers. The focal point in this kitchen is the banquette style seating area. Banquette seating refers to the built-in benches often found in restaurant seating. While booths and banquettes have always been a cozy way to dine, they have become very popular in homes everywhere.

New Build Reconfigured

As we arrived at this exquisite home, we were greeted by the delightful yapping and excitement of one of the house’s main occupants – Schubert: clearly a much-loved Maltese and prince of his realm. He was all dolled up sporting an up style and ready for the photo shoot. Schubert was accompanied by his new pal Missy – a recently-adopted darling little Papillion, so called because her ears, when pricked up, transform her face to make it look just like a butterfly. It is very obvious that these two pooches are the centre of this young couple’s world and were very much taken into consideration when they began the construction of their home.

Complete Renovation in the Heart of Galway City

31 Nuns Island was bought by its present owner at auction in July 2016 . The house was near derelict and would require extensive renovations to make it habitable and (delete) but this did not deter the owner having seen the potential of the house with its enviable location at end of Nuns Island Street overlooking the canal and O’Briens Bridge.



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