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Clarinbridge Gardn Centre

Clarinbridge Garden Centre, have an online shopping website, to help you choose your plants, shrubs and trees from the comfort of your home. Check out their seasonal special offers.

Small Space – Grand Designs

Small Space – Grand Design


Contrasting gravel & paving

Five years ago Clarenbridge Garden Centre set up a landscaping division within the garden centre and this has now developed into a thriving business. They can take a garden from scratch and come up with a creative, innovative and inspirational concept. A detailed design is drawn up with a design and cost proposal. The design is carried out with full installation by the Clarenbridge Garden Centre’s team.

It starts with a home visit from the designer who will discuss your requirements and give you ideas.


Bespoke garden shed

The brief for this featured garden was to bring colour and contrast to a rather flat space. The owners also needed an outside storage area but did not want a typical garden shed. They wanted something that would blend in with the space while also acting as a feature in the garden. The garden shed/sunroom was designed and constructed by David Farragher of Clarenbridge Garden Centre. The materials used are tannillised shiplap, toughend glass and the roof is finished with felt tiles.


Under the pergola

The design of the garden was extremely important as David needed to bring a series of upright features into it, thus giving it more character and making it much more interesting. He did this with the use of the pergolas and the upright timbers in the paved area at the back. This area could also be used for barbecuing and dining in the evening sunshine. The painted timber is also used as a retaining wall for an upper level which is set with decorative pebbles and colorful shrubs. The shrubbery areas are finished with membrane and Tipperary pebbles and large beach type pebbles in parts.


Beautiful paving

Railway sleepers and wood were used in the garden to soften the overall hard landscaping. The paving is an Indian sandstone giving the garden great colour even on rainy days, as the paving stones take on a completely different hue in the rain.


Under the pergola

The owners of this garden were delighted with the design and the quality of the workmanship of the Clarenbridge Garden Centre. They are looking forward to some long sunny days in their outdoor space.

f you would like to discuss your garden, however small or large, please contact David to arrange a free no obligation garden consultation. Tel 091776492

Vertical Gardening

Many back gardens in Ireland’s cities are too small to suit a garden. That’s why we thought: go vertical! This way you can save so much space (and water as you will see in the video we’ve found). Plus it is way better for your back since you don’t have to bend or kneel down.

Vertical garden may sound fancy, but it is very easily done. Learn how to do it yourself in just a couple of minutes.

We found a new video for you since the old one unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore. This is a similar system with one small difference: you can compost your food waste. If that’s not amazing, what is?

Vertical Garden Tower Part One:

As you will see in the second video, be careful to put in the right plants and don’t overfertilize them. Also bear in mind if those plants like it sunny or prefer to stay in the shadow.

Vertical Garden Tower Part Two: