Contents Issue 87

Tulira – A Jewel in Galway’s Crown

Tulira Castle-Amergin Art & Photography 2013IMG_4604-01
Tulira Castle

A national landmark and one of the finest examples of an Irish Castle set within 101 hectares of mature woodland and parkland.  On c. 101 Hectares (250 Acres) is now on the market – Galnly Walters are selling this castle and estate for €6.5 million Tulira Castle is without doubt one of Irelands most historically significant Castles, with a rich architectural heritage. One enters Tulira Castle through an impressive entrance gates which were brought from Dunsandle House in 1950. The Castle is approached by an immaculate three-quarter-mile avenue, lined with 95 lime trees.

Classic & Timeless


Classic timeless and  elegant are the perfect description for this family home situated just a couple of miles outside Kilcolgan. The address is the Dark Road but it has to be said, it can only be described as a winding woodland road that is picture postcard in its beauty. ‘Lisbeg’ sits on an acre of land surrounded by trees and shrubbery. It was only fitting that the owner of this house would build a classic home of timeless beauty here. One of the nicest parts of living on the Dark Rd is the garden which is regularly home to pheasants, foxes, hares, hedgehogs and the occasional squirrel

Contemporary Chic in Claregalway

Stairway To Heaven

When the owners of this home  saw this 1/2 acre site, just outside Galway City they decided it would be the perfect place to build their family home. Having studied architecture for a short time Shauna knew how she wanted the layout of this house, but its the interior decor, seen throughout the house that you see where Shauna’s style and flare shines through. Although she is a fan of Italian decor there are only some slight influences of Italy here. Having four small children, a large open plan living area and a play room close to the kitchen was very important. Also she but a lot of thought and work into the children’s bedrooms – it was vital to create three very different rooms that were fun and colourful.


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