Upcycling – with decoupage

Upcycle – give your old pieces a new lease of life with Decoupage.


Decoupage is a craft that has been around for Centuries. It was actually back in the 12th Century that the Chinese used the art of cutting out paper to decorate objects. The art then ended up in Europe around the 17th century.

The art of Decoupage is cutting and pasting paper and sticking it to an object. For many years people used napkins for decoupage by cutting out a design on the napkin and then glueing it onto an object or piece of furniture. Then layers and layers of varnish made the napkin look like it was an inlay. It’s a wonderful technique and can look great.

Old pieces - new life
Old pieces – new life

It was only really in recent years with new companies introducing glues to Decoupage, with that the art has taken on a great revival. Since the recession the idea of throwing anything away would bring us all out in a rash so the new phenomenon of revamping our tired old pieces has become quite fashionable.Decoupage is not for antiques- it is not for furniture that is worth a lot of money. Decoupage is taking tired old pieces that perhaps are not worth too much or aren’t really worth restoring and giving them a new look.

Most homes have many pieces lying around that would look beautiful with a little bit of care and attention.Nothing is safe once you start.

Shoes, dressers, chairs, coffee tables, school benches, stools, cd racks, vases, lamps, mirrors, frames, glasses, suitcase and much more have been treated to decoupage. Before you get started you would be advised to take a short day or week end course in the art of decoupage and once you know the technique, there will be no stopping you

Workshops at Ennis Creative Arts Centre take place over one day and you bring the piece of furniture from home. Revamp it over the day and bring home your piece finished by the end of the day.

To decoupage you only need a few small items.

Decoupage glue, a brush, a wet cloth, newspaper to stop glue getting on your floor, scissors, your piece of furniture, varnish and of course the paper to decoupage with.

You can use lots of different papers – for instance you can use newspaper print, maps, prints, posters, magazines, old books, printed out pictures from computers, tissue paper or decoupage paper that you buy. If you plan on printing out pictures make sure you print onto cheap paper and not good glossy photo paper. Just print onto your normal paper. Then get a Hairspray (approx €2) and spray the photo well and leave to dry. The hairspray acts as a lacquer so your photo won’t bleed when you put glue on it.

So that’s it really. Why not check out the next workshop at Ennis Creative Arts Centre and you can bring an old piece of furniture from home.



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