Guest Rooms – Making Guests Feel at Home

Guest Rooms


Guest rooms are a luxury in most houses, the majority of us don’t have a spare room to designate as a guest room, but if you are one of the lucky ones here are a few tips on how to decorate them. The great thing about having a guest room is you can decorate it how you choose, as there will be no other family member dictating how they want it. Also, when you have it finished, it is usually the one room that always stays tidy and clean. So, here you can go out on a limb and let your creative juices flow with colour and accessories. We have a few tips on how to make your guests feel more comfortable and relaxed. We also picked a beautifully decorated room to give you some ideas.

Screen shot 2014-10-21 at 11.58.09

1 Make the most of every space, but be aware that you should also focus on creating a welcoming room for your guests.

2 Choosing what color to paint is important. For a small space, a light color is a good choice, creating a bright room. You can then add another color for a certain atmosphere: green accents for freshness, yellow accents for cheerfulness or blue accents for calmness.

3 Don’t make your guests bow to the floor, add a bench or ottoman for your guests to place their bags.

4 Give them space – place a well appointed night stand (include a clock, a bottle of water, a dish for earrings and a lamp). Don’t overfill table tops, your guests may want to lay out their own belongings.

5 Have a desk cleared and ready for their digital gear. Be sure to place it beside power points.

6 Give your guests something to do – have books and magazines at the ready and if you can, an iPad is very handy. Don’t forget to leave the password out for them.

7 Get them smiling with pictures and photographs – some old memories will make them feel at ease and will bring a smile to their faces.

8 Make it cozy with soft lighting and keep it cool at night. Sleep therapists all agree that turning down the thermostat at night is best for sleep. Be sure to leave out an extra duvet or blanket just in case.

9 Make room and add lots of hooks & hangers – give your guests places to hang the things they use frequently.

10 Nothing says “Glad you’re here” more than a welcome basket. Fill it with big fluffy towels and an oversized robe and slippers. Be extra thoughtful and leave a flashlight incase they wake during the night. If the room looks on to a view it would be a real treat to place a set of binoculars on the window sill. Some favorite toiletries would be a nice touch also. Finally, if you have a busy home, leave a set of ear plugs and eye shades.


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