Interior Design (and other) Blogs to bookmark – edition 2015

Our Upstairs Downstairs Magazine is filled with great ideas about interior design, gardening and nifty things. But we’re not the only ones, like we showed you last year. So we went browsing again in the great sea of weblogs to find things you might like. We definetely do!

Foxy Glove Lane

Who: Catherine Drea, a photographer with heartfelt passion

Foxyglove Lane Logo

What: Catherine is a winner two years in a row: The Blog Awards Ireland 2013 and 2014 are well deserved. If you want to get totally distracted from everything go ahead and enjoy this beautiful photography blog.


Herbi & Carni

Who: Marian („Herbi“) and Tony („Carni“) Hearne, a happy Irish couple with two opposite diets

What: Herbi & Carni follow two different food-lifestyles with loads of recipes for vegetarians as well as meat-lovers. This blog is gorgeous, has a lot of delicious food photography and some step-by-step videos. We already found something to try out right now (butternut squash soup – yumm)!


April and the Bear

Who: April and the Bear, an online lyfestyle and homewear blog/shop, based in Dublin.
April and the Bear

What: This blog has a couple of DIY ideas. Very nicely done website and Blog. Since it is also a shop you can order loads of nifty things!


fennel & fern

Who: Louisa Armstrong featuring many eager organic gardeners who happen to like blogging about their greens.

fennel & fern

What: f&f has a very modern design that works on your computer as well as on tablets and smartphones. It is plain inspiring to touch any of the pictures that will lead you to crazy things like moss graffiti or practical advise like growing broad beans.


Moon to Moon

Who: A young woman with a keen eye for ecclectic design.

Moon to Moon

What: Moon to Moon has a lovely collection of many different homestyles. Every post is shouting individuality and creativity! How about old unused books for displaying your decor instead of using a table? And which idea are you going to adapt?


Words by Katja Rohde


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