Working hard on the new Upstairs Downstairs Magazine

Today we’re bringing you something new: Proof that we are working hard to get out the new issue! A lot of people have asked before, what publishing actually is about. It’s not only journalism. You could say, it’s everything else besides journalism. See below what we are doing.
Ann and Katja working on the new Upstairs Downstairs Issue 84

What we do behind the scenes of the Upstairs Downstairs Magazine

We are collecting ideas for the next issue. We are putting articles together. We are contacting our advertisers, authors and photographers. We are clipping, clipping, clipping photos of our favourite nifty things from the shops all around Galway. We are proofreading articles and design the pages. And as soon as all that work is done, off goes the mag to the printers! Make sure to get the next issue at your newsagent or via the iPad Newsstand

Ann working on the new Upstairs Downstairs Issue 84 Katja working on the Upstairs Downstairs Magazine 84

And of course we are updating the website and get in contact with you through our Twitter and Facebook channels.


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