Beautiful Forms & Simple Detailing from Noel Brannelly Kitchens.

The tiniest of rooms can seem more spacious with good design and in a home space is a highly desirable luxury. Upstairs Downstairs visited one of Noel Brannelly Kitchens to see some of Noel’s clever use of space. This kitchen has solid a solid timber units hand painted from Farrow & Ball paint range. Colour, whether a subtle ivory or vibrant crimson, brings life to kitchens. All Noel Brannelly kitchens can be painted, whether in part or in their entirety, in different shades and hues. They tailor to suit each of the client’s measurements. Tall, hand painted cabinets with feature bespoke internal storage.

Here is a sample of some clever use of space in a Noel Brannelly Kitchen.

Solid Timber by Noel Brannelly Kitchen

Solid Timber by Noel Brannelly Kitchen

Solid timber Kitchen.

Dish Washer Drawer

Dish Washer Drawer

Pull out dish drawers from Fisher & Paykel.

Key Cupboard

Key Cupboard

A key cupboard, the drawers behind this cupboard only allow a shallow space where Noel cleverly designed a key cupboard.

Open Storage

Open Storage

A shallow shelf perfect for books.

Solid dovetailed drawers

Solid dovetailed drawers

Solid dovetailed drawers varying in depths for cutlery on the top with the pots in the bottom.

Solid Walnut Timber trays

Solid Walnut Timber trays

Another ingenious use of small space, home for two solid timber walnut trays.

Walnut Breakfast bar

Walnut Breakfast bar

A circular solid walnut breakfast bar sits neatly on the side of the solid hand painted timber island.

Renovations Extensions

Home Renovation Tax Incentive Scheme is very exciting for home owners – also Bank of Ireland are releasing €75 million in response to the government’s new scheme.

We featured two fabulous home renovations in one of our previous issues both were done without the hassle and need for planning permission

Upstairs Downstairs are doing feature in the Dec/Jan issue, on this government’s home renovation scheme, so here are a few tasters to whet your appetite and get your ideas flowing for your home renovations

A very user friendly kitchen

Extended Living Space

Extend Your Space

Light and Airy Extension With a Wow Kitchen!

The ordinary façade of this three bed semi belies the airy, light-filled space that is inside, thanks to a large kitchen extension to the back of the house. This kitchen definitely has the wow factor. The first feeling on entering it is of light and space. It is a bright, spacious room, cleverly arranged in three sections, of living, cooking and dining, all in one!

Builder – Stephen Mullins – Tel: 087 7999707

Kitchen – Michael Doyle – Tel: 0879600262

Extended Living Area

Living Room/Kitchen

A Family Home Extended beyond Recognition

Elaine & Frank invited us back to their home  many years after we had featured it in Upstairs Downstairs. They had just completed some major changes and were delighted with the results. The house had been extended and it truly had been changed beyond recognition.  The wonderful thing about this extension was that it was within 40 m2, so they not have to go through the planning permission process. The extension was exactly 40 m2 and fulfilled all their wishes and needs.

Builder: Tony Connealy (087) 2069740

A garden for all seasons

Room Outside

Hard landscaping: Cara Landscapes (David) (086) 8204595

Meet The Maker – Edyta Szymanska

Meet The Maker – Edyta Szymanska

Edyta Szymanska - sculptress

Meet The Maker – Edyta Szymanska

Working mainly with clay, sculptress Edyta Szymanska creates both small figurative pieces and large scale art.

Her work is concerned with the human figure, interpreted through colour, texture and form, using the figure as the vehicle through which to express beauty line and grace. Her medium is principally clay and, more recently, steel.

Tall diva girl

Tall Diva by Edyta

Born in Poland, Edyta comes from an artistic background. Her father was a painter and writer, and his work informed her sensibilities throughout her childhood. Edyta started working seriously in ceramics in 2002, when she opened a studio on completion of her studies in physiotherapy.

During this time she became potter to a Viking group. Among the works she completed were reconstructions of Middle Ages ceramic sculptures and implements. She has since exhibited in Germany, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, France and Holland.

Beautiiful seated ceramic girl

Seated Girl by Edyta

Now living in Ireland, she has a residency in the Malthouse in Stradbally, where she is combining ceramic and steel to create works which reflect her inner world. Her background in physiotherapy gives those sculptures that are based on the human form an added dimension.

Ceramic Tall Diva

Tall Diva by Edyta

“I am a seeker, an explorer who desires ways in which to grow and learn and become wise in my art. My existence depends on my art – it is an integral part of my life”

The Studio,The Malthouse, Stradbally, Co. Laois, Ireland. Email: Mobile: 085 166 98 36

Edyta’s pieces can be bought in Home Gallery


A New Tamarind A New Era – In Salthill

Tamarind - Asian Food - Salthill, Galway

Tamarind – Asian Food – Salthill, Galway

Christine Coakelin has had a passion for catering from a young age. Since her first job as a kitchen porter, nearly twenty years ago, she has climbed the ladder, working in every aspect of the catering sector, from housekeeping to chefing assistant, from waiting tables to being the owner and Managing Director of Tamarind Restaurant Galway which has recently reopened in Salthill.

While Christine liked Tamarind’s previous location at the Spanish Arch she was extremely excited about starting fresh in a premise that she considered a blank canvas, giving her the opportunity to design it as she pleased.

Christine Coakelin owner of Tamarind

Christine Coakelin owner of Tamarind

As a hobby she loves to paint and this creative side is obvious in her choice of vibrant colours. Interior designer Deirdre O’Donnell helped Christine as she had the experience to develop on the concept Christine was after and sought out materials that would fit this idea. The main influence for Christine came from when she visited the Palace Hotel in Krakow Poland many years ago and fell in love with their use of green and pink. She incorporated these into her logo and design. As the budget was very tight she knew that keeping up with the Jones’ was not an option and there wouldn’t be any designer labels.

Colourful and Cozy Tamarind in Salthill

Colourful and Cozy Tamarind in Salthill

Centrally located the new Tamarind location exuded potential on the bright sunny sidewalk in Salthill. Christine’s chosen theme of pink green and black complemented the location admirably. Attention to detail was at the forefront of the design and so everything in Tamarind Salthill was handpicked for a particular function. Priority was with combining good quality, a consistent theme while remaining on a tight budget and so many of the design elements came second hand. Christine proved that beauty and attention to detail in interior design can be found at a very low cost if you know where to look and see the potential in each and every item. Everything was stripped down, sprayed, repainted, refurbished and so took on a very unique Tamarind authenticity.

The lamp features were hand-painted by Christine and her staff, as was the bar, the shelving, the balcony decking, it was a close-knit affair. It was like a family put the restaurant together, some of the wait staff found a new calling in wallpapering, painting and even sanding. Everyone was very excited to get the restaurant open and it literally happened overnight.

Christine had created a scrapbook over the years of her favourite places and with this in mind her idea developed, evolved and now has become three dimensional. Every little thing in the restaurant is purposely placed, the collection of antique Buddha ornaments which Christine collected herself, the photos on the wall, the ornaments on and around the bar, all have a special meaning. Other design elements were sourced locally. B&Q and Next provided the lighting, Woodies the wallpaper, and the flooring was completed by local hardware store Higgins. The same colour palette of pink, green and black was used throughout and can be seen in almost everything down to the candles, menus, uniforms, cushions, seating, even the bathrooms.

Tamarind, Great decor and great food

Tamarind, Great decor and great food

Ultimately for Christine the important thing in a restaurant is its atmosphere, what you feel when you walk in before you even try the food. “The success of a restaurant I feel, is based fifty percent on the atmosphere and fifty percent on the dish. Great balance is needed”. As Sakhorn, the Head Chef in Tamarind Salthill, has already succeeded in creating mouth-watering dishes consistently, it is fair to say that Christine too has succeeded with the design element throughout the restaurant. “Although we still have minor details to finish regarding the interior design, I am delighted the way it has turned out and I now feel I have crafted my own vision in a three dimensional way , and that the restaurant is much more than a space but rather a piece of myself”.


A picture paints a thousand words

This 1840’s period house is located a few miles outside Galway City. Originally used as a family home, it was turned into a Bed & Breakfast in the 1980’s and traded very successfully as such for many years. The first thing you will notice are the brass name tags on some of the doors. They remain in situ and I can’t help thinking they are a rather nice addition to the story of this fabulous home. When Donal Hegarty – Painter & Decorator was invited to tender for the painting contract of the property, he was delighted to do so as he could show his skills as a decorator and showcase his speciality – painting old period homes.

Living room in a 1840's period house, freshly painted by Donal Hegarty

Living Room in an Irish 1840’s period home

Traditionally houses from this period were painted in ochres, umbers, creams and fawns. White wasn’t used much except for the window sashes on the simplest buildings. The out buildings were painted white using lime washes. Wallpaper was introduced towards the end of this period and it became quite popular. Luxury and wealth was indicated by the use of deep dark colours in the larger homes and thus this home used heavy dark colours with the wallpaper and drapes which exuded opulence and luxury. This house was operating as a rather expensive Bed & Breakfast and the decor reflected this – with deep brocade wallpapers and strong deep colour schemes in all the rooms.

Hallway in the 1840's period house, Paint colour: Farrow & Ball, Savage Ground

Hallway; Paint colour: Farrow & Ball, Savage Ground

When Donal was hired, his brief was to completely change the colour scheme of the whole house, but he also had to retain its old world period look. He also had to take into account the antiques that were dotted throughout the house. The house also had some rather expensive modern pieces of furniture that could not be ignored either. His strongest memory on entering the house was the deep red in the hall and the strong yellows in the bedrooms. Many of the rooms were wallpapered, in keeping with the decor of the period and Donal had to keep this in mind when recommending a paint colour. Because the paint colour he was painting over was so dark he had to go for a high quality paint, in order to avoid putting on endless coats of paint. He was instantly drawn to the Farrow & Ball range using their ‘neutrals’ colour palette. This colour palette would give the house a fresh new look but would also blend with the antiques and the modern pieces of furniture. As you enter the large hall you are struck by the very striking floor tile in black and white, also a large gilt edged framed mirror makes a striking statement. Donal decided on the subtle shade of ‘Savage Ground’ from Farrow & Ball. It would be perfect for the eye-catching hall, so as not to take away from the strong highly patterned floor tile and the very ornate chandelier.

Living room in the 1840's period house; Paint colour: Farrow & Ball, Bone

Living room; Paint colour: Farrow & Ball, Bone

The room on the left is what would have been know as the drawing room during its B & B days – this room leads into another room through two small arches. It will more than likely be used as a breakfast room as two doors lead out to the wonderfully manicured gardens. Both rooms are floored in a traditional mahogany herring bone timber. Donal chose ‘Bone’ from Farrow & Ball here giving a slight hint of colour to these elegantly decorated living rooms. Ornate marble fireplaces sit back to back bringing atmosphere and warmth to both spaces. The large wide hall is continued under an arch to the main staircase. The black and white floor tiles ensure a continuity of both spaces and are matched with a custom made carpet on the stairs. The black of the carpet is broken up with a blue and salmon colour pattern, it was decided to continue with the same ‘Savage Ground’ paint choice of the hall. This was also continued up into the landing where the carpet runs along the landing covering the dark timber floor.
A large tapestry rug hangs in this area and again standing out beautifully while also bringing out the best of the paint choice.The wrought spindles and bannister are fantastically highlighted by the backdrop of the ‘Savage Ground’ shade.

Bedroom, Paint colour: Farrow & Ball, Cream 44

Bedroom, Paint colour: Farrow & Ball, Cream 44

Each room had its own label according to its decor, we picked two to show you – The Art Nouveau Suite – obviously because of its more modern decor with a large Art Nouveau rug hanging above the bed. Donal, in keeping with this modern theme, went with Farrow & Ball’s ‘Cream’. Although he could have gone for a stronger shade here he decided to have no jarring colours in the house and played it safe with the neutral tones. The Regency Suite, Donal decided, deserved a regency style shade so he went for Farrow & Ball’s ‘Clunch’. The white french style bed blended extremely well with the subtle tone of this colour. The large ornate gold mirror reflects the shade and colour of this very elegant bedroom. Although Donal had no work to do in the bathroom, we thought it would be worth showing you anyway. Fully tiled with a large free standing sink, this room is the epitome of luxury. It was used as the en suite for the Regency Suite and is accessed via a walk through wardrobe.

Frenchstyle bedroom, Paint colour: Farrow & Ball, Clunch

Frenchstyle bedroom, Paint colour: Farrow & Ball, Clunch

As Donal walked us through this beautiful home, now freshly painted, I was only sorry it had stopped trading as a Bed & Breakfast as I could only imagine staying in this period home and wandering though it, dreaming of its glory days as a grand home. The lives and the family who lived here will forever be just stories in my head. Donal Hegarty has truly done this grand old home proud – his choice of paint colours and the expertise with which he executed its make over has enhanced it and turned it into a beautiful family home.

Donal Hegarty – Painter & Decorator, 085 7555517

Words by Julie Keary
Photography by Alan Smyth

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Blog a-round – 6 Blogs to Bookmark

The internet is overflowing with information. There are a lot of great blog pages out there and we sourced some of the best for you. Most of these pages are nominated for the 2013 Blog Awards Ireland.

Wise Words

Who: Mona Wise, very busy mother/entrepreneur

Mona Wise carrying a hot pot in her kitchen
What: Winner of 2012 Blog Awards Ireland, Mona is the food writer for the Sunday Times, giving recipes and delicious photographs. „I write. He cooks. The kids make a big mess.“ is their blog-motto. This page is too good to look at it when hungry…


GIY Grow it yourself

Who: People from all around the world who care about their food

Grow it yourself International Logo
What: In this very informative blog the GIY people share their knowledge, interest in community and home gardening with everyone. You get all the info about how to do your own gardening. GIY are a large community – and you can easily join – they organise loads of events too. One of the many candidates for the 2013 Blog Awards Ireland.


Upstairs Downstairs

Who: Ann Leyden, Editor of the Upstairs Downstairs Magazine
A pile of Upstairs Downstairs Magazines
What: This is the new website of the Upstairs Downstairs Magazine. We wanted to do something simple, user friendly (for our readers and advertisers) and is easy to update. You will find news, tips and some of the featured articles here.


Emerald Interior Design

Who: Karen Hughes, Interior Designer based in Dublin

Emerald Interior
What: Also on the 2013 Blog Awards Ireland shortlist, this blog posts news all around Interior Design that Karen likes. She’ll post about her own projects, people and things that inspire her (“and some that don’t” says Karen)


Eco Evolution

Who: Eco Evolution, Installers of wind, solar and hydro energy solutions

Eco Evolution Logo
What: There are endless possibilities of clean and sustainable ways to get energy. Eco Evolution shows their current projects in eco-friendly energy sourcing. Including a fish passage test!


Green jam jar

Who: Karen Nolan Winkens
Beetroot painting by Karen Winkens
What: From recipes to decoration tips to eco gardening, this page is full of cute nifty ideas. The mere title of the blog caught our attention. Favourite thing: an upcycled mug simply done with Sharpie markers and a plain ceramic mug.


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Words by Katja Rohde

Competition in the Upstairs Downstairs Magazine 84

Win this Russell Hobbs Desire Kitchen Machine worth €199

Russel Hobbs Kitchen Machine to win in the Upstairs Downstairs Magazine Issue 84

In a tempting colour combination of black and red, the Russell Hobbs Desire range has been designed with the passionate cook in mind, combining outward confidence with uncompromised functionality. A collection of irresistible and striking appliances in a stylish matt black finish with accents of vibrant red, Desire caters for the trend towards home dining and the demand for appliances which reflect this passion; enabling a more enjoyable experience. One lucky Upstairs Downstairs reader can win a Desire Kitchen Machine worth €199.99. Making a chic statement in black and red, the fashionable, multipurpose Desire Kitchen Machine looks great and performs brilliantly. Russell Hobbs products are available nationwide in independent Irish electrical retailers.

Question: What two colours are featured on the Russell Hobbs Desire range?
Answer: …

Competition Entrance Conditions

  • You have to buy the Upstairs Downstairs Magazine to participate in the competition.
  • Entrants must be 18 years or over and may only submit one entry
  • Entries must be on a coupon, no photocopies will be accepted!
  • send your name and address with the answer to Upstairs Downstairs
  • closing date for entries 25th October 2013

Responsibilities will not be accepted for entries lost, delayed or damaged in the post. No cash alternatives or prizes will be offered. Winners will be notified by telephone of post. The Judges decision is final.