Blog a-round – 6 Blogs to Bookmark

The internet is overflowing with information. There are a lot of great blog pages out there and we sourced some of the best for you. Most of these pages are nominated for the 2013 Blog Awards Ireland.

Wise Words

Who: Mona Wise, very busy mother/entrepreneur

Mona Wise carrying a hot pot in her kitchen
What: Winner of 2012 Blog Awards Ireland, Mona is the food writer for the Sunday Times, giving recipes and delicious photographs. „I write. He cooks. The kids make a big mess.“ is their blog-motto. This page is too good to look at it when hungry…


GIY Grow it yourself

Who: People from all around the world who care about their food

Grow it yourself International Logo
What: In this very informative blog the GIY people share their knowledge, interest in community and home gardening with everyone. You get all the info about how to do your own gardening. GIY are a large community – and you can easily join – they organise loads of events too. One of the many candidates for the 2013 Blog Awards Ireland.


Upstairs Downstairs

Who: Ann Leyden, Editor of the Upstairs Downstairs Magazine
A pile of Upstairs Downstairs Magazines
What: This is the new website of the Upstairs Downstairs Magazine. We wanted to do something simple, user friendly (for our readers and advertisers) and is easy to update. You will find news, tips and some of the featured articles here.


Emerald Interior Design

Who: Karen Hughes, Interior Designer based in Dublin

Emerald Interior
What: Also on the 2013 Blog Awards Ireland shortlist, this blog posts news all around Interior Design that Karen likes. She’ll post about her own projects, people and things that inspire her (“and some that don’t” says Karen)


Eco Evolution

Who: Eco Evolution, Installers of wind, solar and hydro energy solutions

Eco Evolution Logo
What: There are endless possibilities of clean and sustainable ways to get energy. Eco Evolution shows their current projects in eco-friendly energy sourcing. Including a fish passage test!


Green jam jar

Who: Karen Nolan Winkens
Beetroot painting by Karen Winkens
What: From recipes to decoration tips to eco gardening, this page is full of cute nifty ideas. The mere title of the blog caught our attention. Favourite thing: an upcycled mug simply done with Sharpie markers and a plain ceramic mug.


Read more exciting articles in the Upstairs Downstairs Magazine!

Words by Katja Rohde


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